About us.

The Art of Beer...


Brewing beer is a time consuming process, and one that requires acute concentration and monitoring through every step. We don’t believe in taking shortcuts and adhere to a completely natural brewing process. All of our beers are hand made using only the finest ingredients from all around the world. Our beers are all unfiltered, unpasteurised and contain zero preservatives, allowing you to taste exactly what we have intended.

We are excited to announce that Rosebank Brewing Company is the first company in Africa to use and implement the world-famous Eco Six Pack Rings! The first ecofriendly six pack ring made from by-product waste and other compostable materials, E6PR is designed to replace plastic rings, which are truly damaging to our environment.

The E6PR housing our Common Lager and Liesbeek Amber Ale are available to purchase online and at selected retailers countrywide. 

Our view is a very simple one. We love nature more than anything else in this world, beer included, and we therefore need to do everything we can to preserve it for future generations to enjoy just as we do today. Being in the ocean or on a mountain allows your to feel isolated and a sense of clarity when everything around you might seem overwhelming. Growing up in Cape Town, South Africa, we are afforded some of the most beautiful scenery and oceans in the entire world. We aim to minimise our negative impact and eventually have a positive impact on earth. 


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